Engie Revit VR Visualization

Company: KESCH digitalEngie Gebäudetechnik
Platform: Autodesk Revit 2019, IrisVR
Role: PM, Consultant
Period of Time: 2019
We created a special VR booth for the Engie 60 years company event. The client wanted to show some of their work in immersive VR for employees and customers. For this project our partner Peter Palme prepared the Revit projects by improving material selection and creating stunning 3D views. After a thorough review of available software options we decided to use IrisVR Prospect to convert the Revit models into VR and show them using our mobile VR station with Oculus Rift. I also provided the hardware for Engie to continue showing this experience at various Engie HR events in the next years.

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