Company: SELECTED! servicesRole: Junior PHP Frontend DeveloperPlatform: Web, PHPPeriod of Time: 2001-2002 I worked on the PHP code and database. Particularly challenging work for this company was to get into the huge existing codebase when I entered the project as well as understanding the enormous functionality of this web application which involved learning about some new PHP libraries and new ways collaborating online. […]

WebHotel – Hotel Reservation Software

Company: InterservRole: Junior Java DeveloperPlatform: WebPeriod of Time: October 2003-December 2004The requirements for this project are extremely diverse, including PostgreSQL/MySQL knowledge and programming via C++, GUI-design and programming with Java as well as working with eclipse and CVS in a team environment. We used several tools: autotools, javahelp, doxygen, Furthermore, extensive software engineering skills are required to understand the parts of the code I […]


Company: CogidataPlatform: Web, PerlPeriod of Time: March 2004-June 2006 Our client requested an extension to their original site actionscouts.com. They wanted to present the existing data in a fast and light-weight manner on numerous domains in a static form. For this job I wrote Perl scripts to statically generate all the sites from the existing data sources, the dynamic navigation bar and the […]


Company: InterservRole: Full Stack Perl Developer, Database EngineerPlatform: Web, PerlPeriod of Time: July 2003-June 2006 For the company Interserv I fixed and extended quite the whole system left over in a bad status by former programmers. Skills required for this job were a good understanding of a web front- and back-end written in Perl code using PostgreSQL Queries and a template concept. I […]

C++ client server map-matching engine

Company: SynerGISRole: Junior C++ DeveloperPlatform: PCPeriod of Time: July 2006-May 2007 In the course of my diploma thesis I started to work on amap-matching engine in C++. The program itself was realised as server-client architecture. The main goal of map-matching is to transform measured GPS points into actual street segments. Heuristics and probabilistics have to be used because the points can be very […]

.NET web service for OMV

Company: SynerGISRole: Junior .net DeveloperPlatform: PCPeriod of Time: Jun 2007-September 2007 For a client, we have been developing an archiving web service. It is based on LDAP authentication and uses ESRI ArcObjects to transform measurement data by using data from an Oracle server, which is then archived into an email archiving system. The web service was implemented using .NET technology and deployed […]

World Cucumber day – Offline QR tracking tool

Company: KESCH digital, Top Spirit AustriaRole: Full Stack developer, DevOpsPlatform: node.js/feathers.js, MongoDBPeriod of Time: 2019 For our client brand Hendrick’s gin we created a real time tracking tool creating 250.000 unique and individually tagged QR codes that were printed on cucumber vouchers and distributed via various channels. For over 130 participating bars in Austria we created a unique […]

Sparkling Spring QR Code System

Company: KESCH digital, Top Spirit AustriaRole: PM, Full Stack Developer, DevOpsPlatform: node.js, feathers.js, MongoDBPeriod of Time: 2020For our client brand Schlumberger we created a QR code tracking system to bring the Schlumberger Sparkling spring into the digital present. This time we used a 4 digit code to validate the QR codes that where distributed to interested parties. A […]

Full Stack Development

Company: Kaleido AI GmbHRoles: Senior Full Stack Developer, Scrum Master, DevOps, Sales Engineer, Support EngineerPlatform: node.js, Electron, RubyPeriod of Time: October 2019 – presentWorking on the Design Template system using a graph based approach to generate the output images, the Electron Desktop app including OAuth2 authentication, Tech consulting helping Enterprise Sales and Support.

Crash Car Mania

Company: XendexRole: Junior Game DeveloperPlatform: J2METools used: Eclipse, XSI SoftimagePeriod of Time: February 2008-October 2008 In this mobile action game, the player controls a dummy driving numerous rides like cars, rocket cars, gliders or jetpacks. The goal is to perform dangerous stunts and score high points. By doing combos, the scores will be multiplied to beat the best! I was responsible for implementing the HUD […]

Flatout Racing

Company: XendexRole: Junior Game DeveloperPlatform: J2METools used: Eclipse, XSI Softimage Period of Time: November 2008-September 2008 In this mobile racing game, the player competes against up to three opponents to win the race and unlock new tracks and cars. With a cool damage model, a destructible environment and visually appealing particle effects this game looks great on a mobile!I was responsible for the HUD […]


Company: Team ViennaRole: Game Client DeveloperPlatform: PCPeriod of Time: February 2009 – July 2009Working on the client team of this PC game project. Using Panda3D and the Python language I worked on all parts of the project, mainly on GUI and game logic.

Various Skill Games

Company: GreentubeRole: Mobile Game DeveloperPlatforms: J2ME/Android/iPhonePeriod of Time: January 2010 – presentWorking in the mobile games department at Greentube I am taking care about a variety of aspects of the games. Fields I am involved in are among others comprised of: Network, AI, HUD, 3D and Sound. Platforms used include J2ME, Android and iPhone.

Ski Challenge 11 Mobile

Company: Greentube, A1Role: Mobile 3D Game DeveloperPlatform: iPhonePeriod of Time: August 2010 – March 2011Using some legacy code from the J2ME version of Ski Challenge 10 I was working on the follow up project Ski Challenge 11 for iPhone/iPad. Writing most of the GUI and game code in native Objective – C and some optimizations of the 3d […]

Actimel Chatbot “acti-win.at”

Company: KESCH digital GmbH, ActimelRole: PM, DeveloperPlatform: Web/ChatbotPeriod of Time: Q1 2020For Actimel we created a website with an integrated chatbot where clients could upload their invoice, enter some statistical data and take part in a raffle. The webpage was triggered by a QR code on Actimel products. Detailed statistical analysis and ongoing client communication via e-mail was […]


Winner of Donau Uni Krems Blockchain Hackathon “Blockchain meets Purposeful Gaming” with Team H!Chain. H!Chain helps people overcome their shyness at conferences by introducing a playful app that unlocks certain perks like buffet opening when people connect their H!Chain accounts. All transactions are securely stored on the Ardor Blockchain.

BooomVR Virtual Reality Browser

Company: Rocketbike ARVRPlatform: Oculus Rift + Touch, HTC Vive, GearVR, CardboardRole: Technical DirectorPeriod of Time: 2016 – presentUsing the Unity Game Engine we created a VR Browser to experience different types of content types like 360 degree video, 3d objects or stereoscopic content. The content is delivered via Feeds from Youtube, Tumblr, WordPress, … that are fetched and updated […]

Juggle Skeet VR Shooter Prototype

Company: Vienna Technical UniversityPlatform: HTC Vive, LeapMotionRole: DeveloperPeriod of Time: 2016 – presentIn the course of my educational leave my colleague Balint Istvan and me produced a video game for the lecture “Virtual and Augmented Reality” called JuggleSkeet. It is a multiplayer game developed in the Unreal Engine for HTC Vive. One player plays with the VR headset, […]

Engie Revit VR Visualization

Company: KESCH digital, Engie GebäudetechnikPlatform: Autodesk Revit 2019, IrisVRRole: PM, ConsultantPeriod of Time: 2019We created a special VR booth for the Engie 60 years company event. The client wanted to show some of their work in immersive VR for employees and customers. For this project our partner Peter Palme prepared the Revit projects by improving material selection and creating […]

Ski Jump Arena VR

Company: Division by HeroesWebsite: https://skijumparena.comPlatform: Unity, OculusRole: PM, DeveloperPeriod of Time: 2017-2020Supported by Oculus Start. Immerse yourself into the feeling of a real Ski Jumper. Find yourself on top of Bergisel slope – the most famous slope in Austria – and jump like a real athlete. Realistic physics and sounds immerse you even more. With the unique local kiosk mode you […]

Augmented Reality Coke Photo Booth

Company: KESCH digitalPlatform: EasyAR/Unity/WindowsRole: PM, DeveloperPeriod of Time: 2019For the yearly summer promotion of Coke Zero we created a new photo booth system where people receiving their cans can take a photo. Aligning with the ad subject of “enjoying both” Coke and Coke Zero we created a Windows based photo booth that mirrors the live camera image and […]