Company: SELECTED! servicesRole: Junior PHP Frontend DeveloperPlatform: Web, PHPPeriod of Time: 2001-2002 I worked on the PHP code and database. Particularly challenging work for this company was to get into the huge existing codebase when I entered the project as well as understanding the enormous functionality of this web application which involved learning about some new PHP libraries and new ways collaborating online. […]

WebHotel – Hotel Reservation Software

Company: InterservRole: Junior Java DeveloperPlatform: WebPeriod of Time: October 2003-December 2004The requirements for this project are extremely diverse, including PostgreSQL/MySQL knowledge and programming via C++, GUI-design and programming with Java as well as working with eclipse and CVS in a team environment. We used several tools: autotools, javahelp, doxygen, Furthermore, extensive software engineering skills are required to understand the parts of the code I […]


Company: CogidataPlatform: Web, PerlPeriod of Time: March 2004-June 2006 Our client requested an extension to their original site actionscouts.com. They wanted to present the existing data in a fast and light-weight manner on numerous domains in a static form. For this job I wrote Perl scripts to statically generate all the sites from the existing data sources, the dynamic navigation bar and the […]


Company: InterservRole: Full Stack Perl Developer, Database EngineerPlatform: Web, PerlPeriod of Time: July 2003-June 2006 For the company Interserv I fixed and extended quite the whole system left over in a bad status by former programmers. Skills required for this job were a good understanding of a web front- and back-end written in Perl code using PostgreSQL Queries and a template concept. I […]

C++ client server map-matching engine

Company: SynerGISRole: Junior C++ DeveloperPlatform: PCPeriod of Time: July 2006-May 2007 In the course of my diploma thesis I started to work on amap-matching engine in C++. The program itself was realised as server-client architecture. The main goal of map-matching is to transform measured GPS points into actual street segments. Heuristics and probabilistics have to be used because the points can be very […]

.NET web service for OMV

Company: SynerGISRole: Junior .net DeveloperPlatform: PCPeriod of Time: Jun 2007-September 2007 For a client, we have been developing an archiving web service. It is based on LDAP authentication and uses ESRI ArcObjects to transform measurement data by using data from an Oracle server, which is then archived into an email archiving system. The web service was implemented using .NET technology and deployed […]

World Cucumber day – Offline QR tracking tool

Company: KESCH digital, Top Spirit AustriaRole: Full Stack developer, DevOpsPlatform: node.js/feathers.js, MongoDBPeriod of Time: 2019 For our client brand Hendrick’s gin we created a real time tracking tool creating 250.000 unique and individually tagged QR codes that were printed on cucumber vouchers and distributed via various channels. For over 130 participating bars in Austria we created a unique […]

Full Stack Development

Company: Kaleido AI GmbHRoles: Senior Full Stack Developer, Scrum Master, DevOps, Sales Engineer, Support EngineerPlatform: node.js, Electron, RubyPeriod of Time: October 2019 – presentWorking on the Design Template system using a graph based approach to generate the output images, the Electron Desktop app including OAuth2 authentication, Tech consulting helping Enterprise Sales and Support.