BooomVR Virtual Reality Browser

Company: Rocketbike ARVRPlatform: Oculus Rift + Touch, HTC Vive, GearVR, CardboardRole: Technical DirectorPeriod of Time: 2016 – presentUsing the Unity Game Engine we created a VR Browser to experience different types of content types like 360 degree video, 3d objects or stereoscopic content. The content is delivered via Feeds from Youtube, Tumblr, WordPress, … that are fetched and updated […]

Juggle Skeet VR Shooter Prototype

Company: Vienna Technical UniversityPlatform: HTC Vive, LeapMotionRole: DeveloperPeriod of Time: 2016 – presentIn the course of my educational leave my colleague Balint Istvan and me produced a video game for the lecture “Virtual and Augmented Reality” called JuggleSkeet. It is a multiplayer game developed in the Unreal Engine for HTC Vive. One player plays with the VR headset, […]

Engie Revit VR Visualization

Company: KESCH digital, Engie GebäudetechnikPlatform: Autodesk Revit 2019, IrisVRRole: PM, ConsultantPeriod of Time: 2019We created a special VR booth for the Engie 60 years company event. The client wanted to show some of their work in immersive VR for employees and customers. For this project our partner Peter Palme prepared the Revit projects by improving material selection and creating […]

Ski Jump Arena VR

Company: Division by HeroesWebsite: https://skijumparena.comPlatform: Unity, OculusRole: PM, DeveloperPeriod of Time: 2017-2020Supported by Oculus Start. Immerse yourself into the feeling of a real Ski Jumper. Find yourself on top of Bergisel slope – the most famous slope in Austria – and jump like a real athlete. Realistic physics and sounds immerse you even more. With the unique local kiosk mode you […]

Augmented Reality Coke Photo Booth

Company: KESCH digitalPlatform: EasyAR/Unity/WindowsRole: PM, DeveloperPeriod of Time: 2019For the yearly summer promotion of Coke Zero we created a new photo booth system where people receiving their cans can take a photo. Aligning with the ad subject of “enjoying both” Coke and Coke Zero we created a Windows based photo booth that mirrors the live camera image and […]