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Name: Andreas Braumann, MSc
Freelancing as: Division by Heroes e.U.
Date of Birth: September 15, 1980
Place of Birth: Vienna, Austria
Sex: Male
Nationality: Austrian
Military Service: Fulfilled
Personal Website:
GitHub Profile:

Career Objectives

I am looking to develop my skills as Software Engineer and Architect. My interests are currently mainly situated in creating mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as developing front and back ends for internet applications. Furthermore I am interested in algorithms and data structures. I prefer to apply these theories during game programming but also in other kinds of projects like VR and AR. I am mainly interested in GUI design and game/application logic, as well as integrating continuos build systems. I like to explore and use new platforms, tools and try out new ways to work, for example SCRUM. My favourite languages to work with are all flavours of C including Objective C, Java, Javascript, Perl, PHP and lately Python.

University, School and Education

2004-2007: Vienna University of Technology, Computer Science – Master of Science (DI) study: “Software Engineering & Internet Computing”
2002-2005: Vienna University of Technology, Computer Science – Bachelor of Science study: “Software and Information Engineering”
1998-2002: Vienna University of Technology, Computer Science Diploma study
1993-1998: Comprehensive Secondary School, technical profile in Strebersdorf, Vienna (de La Salle Schule)
1990-1992: Comprehensive Secondary School BRG 18, Vienna

Language Skills

German (1)  *
English  *

(1) = mother tongue


Current gigs

Ongoing Frontend Development, Scrum Master

Easter Greeting Card Design Template

Company: Kaleido AI GmbH, Canva Inc
Role: Senior Developer, Scrum Master, DevOps, Tech Sales
Platform: node.js, Electron, Ruby on Rails, React+mobX, vue.js
Period of Time: October 2019 – present

Developing the design templates e2e. Maintaining of CLI, Desktop App, Zapier+Integromat Integrations. Working on, Developing a first party app for Tech consulting helping closing Enterprise Sales.

Schlumberger Sparkling Spring

Mobile Site States

Company: KESCH digital, Top Spirit Austria
Role: PM, Full Stack developer, DevOps
Platform: node.js/feathers.js, MongoDB
Period of Time: 2020-2022
For our client brand Schlumberger we created a QR code tracking system to bring the Schlumberger Sparkling spring into the digital present. This time we used a 4 digit code to validate the QR codes that where distributed to interested parties. A new raffle system, client dashboard and reporting extension was built in the course of this project.

XR Industry Projects

Engie Revit VR Visualization

Engie Logo

Company: KESCH digital, Engie Gebäudetechnik
Platform: Autodesk Revit 2019, IrisVR
Role: PM, Consultant
Period of Time: 2019
We created a special VR booth for the Engie 60 years company event. The client wanted to show some of their work in immersive VR for employees and customers. For this project our partner Peter Palme prepared the Revit projects by improving material selection and creating stunning 3D views. After a thorough review of available software options we decided to use IrisVR Prospect to convert the Revit models into VR and show them using our mobile VR station with Oculus Rift. I also provided the hardware for Engie to continue showing this experience at various Engie HR events in the next years.

Ski Jump Arena VR

Company: Division by Heroes
Platform: Unity, Oculus
Role: PM, Developer
Period of Time: 2017-2020
Supported by Oculus Start. Immerse yourself into the feeling of a real Ski Jumper. Find yourself on top of Bergisel slope – the most famous slope in Austria – and jump like a real athlete. Realistic physics and sounds immerse you even more. With the unique local kiosk mode you can use the game at local evens to conduct a championship with leaderboards. We are working hard to release this game in the Oculus Store. Clients like Coca Cola and Volksbank Tirol already experienced the thrill of Ski Jump Arena VR at their events.

Augmented Reality Coke Photo Booth

Coke Photo Booth

Company: KESCH digital
Platform: EasyAR/Unity/Windows
Role: PM, Developer
Period of Time: 2019
For the yearly summer promotion of Coke Zero we created a new photo booth system where people receiving their cans can take a photo. Aligning with the ad subject of “enjoying both” Coke and Coke Zero we created a Windows based photo booth that mirrors the live camera image and replaces the Coke logo on one side with the Coke Zero logo on the other. After detecting the logo the countdown for picture taking starts. After the image is uploaded to our own photobooth backend a dynamic branded QR code is created that leads the visitor to a specially designed landing page where he can share it. Also he can get a special Code for the Coke App that can be redeemed for some goodies.

Juggle Skeet

Juggle Skeet Screenshot

Company: Vienna Technical University
Platform: HTC Vive, LeapMotion
Role: Developer
Period of Time: 2016 – present
In the course of my educational leave my colleague Balint Istvan and me produced a video game for the lecture “Virtual and Augmented Reality” called JuggleSkeet. It is a multiplayer game developed in the Unreal Engine for HTC Vive. One player plays with the VR headset, the other player plays with the LeapMotion controller. Together they have to save shoot the Tron-styled balls.


booomVR Logo

Company: Rocketbike ARVR
Platform: Oculus Rift + Touch, HTC Vive, GearVR, Cardboard
Role: Technical Director
Period of Time: 2016 – present
Using the Unity Game Engine we created a VR Browser to experience different types of content types like 360 degree video, 3d objects or stereoscopic content. The content is delivered via Feeds from Youtube, Tumblr, WordPress, … that are fetched and updated regularly.


Winner of Donau Uni Krems Blockchain Hackathon “Blockchain meets Purposeful Gaming” with Team H!Chain. H!Chain helps people overcome their shyness at conferences by introducing a playful app that unlocks certain perks like buffet opening when people connect their H!Chain accounts. All transactions are securely stored on the Ardor blockchain.

Chatbot Projects

Actimel Chatbot “”

Mobile Chatbot

Company: KESCH digital GmbH
Role: PM, Developer
Platform: Web/Chatbot
Period of Time: Q1 2020
For Actimel we created a website with an integrated chatbot where clients could upload their invoice, enter some statistical data and take part in a raffle. The webpage was triggered by a QR code on Actimel products. Detailed statistical analysis and ongoing client communication via e-mail was done. Also we integrated 10.000 unique voucher codes from XXLSports that where distributed via e-mail

Game Technology Projects

Millenium City / VW Polo Car Painting

Car Painting Stele

Company: KESCH digital GmbH
Role: PM, Unity Developer
Platform: Windows Touch
Period of Time: Q1 2020
For Millenium City we invented and produced a digital car painting game where clients could paint a car in their design on a touchscreen, then enter their contact details and take part in the chance to win the car with their design.

Novo App / Gametwist App / Gametwist Casino App

Company: Greentube
Role: Senior Mobile Developer, Mobile DevOps Lead
Platform: iPhone/Android
Period of Time: 2010 – 2016
After writing a Slot Mockup in only one week from scratch we started to work on the Novo App which is an offline Slot game with fun money. Implementing most of the GUI, sound and game logic as well as the in game shop where you can buy new slots via In-App purchase and managing the build configuration were my main tasks. This project was written purely in Objective C. For the last 6 months I worked on the Android port of the Novo App. Later we worked on lots of app refinements including marketing trackers, new features, native game engine improvements and various app spinoffs.

Ski Challenge 11

Company: Greentube
Role: Mobile 3D Game Developer
Platform: iPhone
Period of Time: August 2010 – March 2011
Using some legacy code from the J2ME version of Ski Challenge 10 I was working on the follow up project Ski Challenge 11 for iPhone/iPad. Writing most of the GUI and game code in native Objective – C and some optimizations of the 3d engine in C++ this game was released in multiple editions that launched in different countries. I was also responsible for managing the whole build process for all editions using XCode and Teamcity.

Various Skill Games

Company: Greentube
Role: Mobile Game Developer
Platforms: J2ME/Android/iPhone
Period of Time: January 2010 – present
Working in the mobile games department at Greentube I am taking care about a variety of aspects of the games. Fields I am involved in are among others comprised of: Network, AI, HUD, 3D and Sound. Platforms used include J2ME, Android and iPhone.

Fit For Fun (Nintendo DS)

Company: Mi’pu’mi Games
Role: Game Developer
Platform: Nintendo DS
Period of Time: September 2009 – December 2009
This game includes a diet planner with cooking instructions and a fun little quiz with various question types. By playing the quiz, lections are unlocked which teach you aber eating habits.



Company: Team Vienna
Role: Game Client Developer
Platform: PC
Period of Time: February 2009 – July 2009
Working on the client team of this PC game project. Using Panda3D and the Python language I worked on all parts of the project, mainly on GUI and game logic.

Yeti Games Sports Pack Vol. 1

Yeti Sports

Company: Xendex
Role: Junior Game Developer
Platform: J2ME
Period of Time: October 2008 – January 2009 I helped with porting this 2D-only game to all major handsets and final bugfixing.

Flatout Racing

Flatout Racing

Company: Xendex
Role: Junior Game Developer
Platform: J2ME
Tools used: Eclipse, XSI Softimage
Period of Time: November 2008-September 2008 In this mobile racing game, the player competes against up to three opponents to win the race and unlock new tracks and cars. With a cool damage model, a destructible environment and visually appealing particle effects this game looks great on a mobile!
I was responsible for the HUD code, the damage effects and physics. Furthermore, I helped with enemy AI and general gameplay code. Also, I helped port the game on all requested handsets.

Crash Car Mania

Crash Car Mania

Company: Xendex
Role: Junior Game Developer
Platform: J2ME
Tools used: Eclipse, XSI Softimage
Period of Time: February 2008-October 2008
In this mobile action game, the player controls a dummy driving numerous rides like cars, rocket cars, gliders or jetpacks. The goal is to perform dangerous stunts and score high points. By doing combos, the scores will be multiplied to beat the best! I was responsible for implementing the HUD and was involved in the 3D content pipeline using Python and XSI as well as game controls and various other tasks. Furthermore I was part of the team that ported the game on to all requested handsets.



Web projects

Digital Business Cards

Digital business card

Company: KESCH digital GmbH
Role: Developer, PM
Platform: WordPress, Digistore24
Period of Time: 2019
We had the idea to put QR codes onto our business cards so I decided to create a SAAS MVP using WordPress. This MVP allows everybody to edit the business card data themselves if some data changes. The system is also connected to Digistore24 via DigiMember plugin and allows everybody to purchase a subscription for the service.

Huss Hawlik Architects Website

Company: DI Andreas Hawlik
Role: Website Developer
Platform: Drupal
Period of Time: October 2009 – December 2009
Based on the Drupal content management system I implemented the redesigned website for the architect group. By using a MySQL database the projects can be edited visually without knowledge of HTML code.

.NET web service for OMV


Company: SynerGIS
Role: Junior .net Developer
Platform: PC
Period of Time: Jun 2007-September 2007
For a client, we have been developing an archiving web service. It is based on LDAP authentication and uses ESRI ArcObjects to transform measurement data by using data from an Oracle server, which is then archived into an email archiving system. The web service was implemented using .NET technology and deployed on an Windows 2003 server. The data is being presented with the SynerGIS WebOffice program.

C++ client server map-matching engine


Company: SynerGIS
Role: Junior C++ Developer
Platform: PC
Period of Time: July 2006-May 2007
In the course of my diploma thesis I started to work on a
map-matching engine in C++. The program itself was realized as server-client architecture. The main goal of map-matching is to transform measured GPS points into actual street segments. Heuristics and Probabilistics have to be used because the points can be very incorrect. The results where visualized with ESRI ArcGIS.

Company: Interserv
Role: Full Stack Perl Developer, Database Engineer
Platform: Web
Period of Time: July 2003-June 2006
For the company Interserv I fixed and extended quite the whole system left over in a bad status by former programmers. Skills required for this job were a good understanding of a web front- and back-end written in Perl code using PostgreSQL Queries and a template concept. I also worked on the database itself by implementing functions and triggers. As the website is fully DHTML- and
Javascript-driven it was also a big part of my work to fix and change these things. Maintaining the functionality of the site and the database is still needed. I also had to co-maintain the Linux servers with software updates and configuration changes., …

Company: Cogidata
Platform: Web
Period of Time: March 2004-June 2006
Our client requested an extension to their original site They wanted to present the existing data in a fast and light-weight manner on numerous domains in a static form. For this job I wrote Perl scripts to statically generate all the sites from the existing data sources, the dynamic navigation bar and the sitemap. For every domain, it’s possible to set parameters influencing the output. The site is using templates (HTML::Template) enabling the client to update the design himself.

WebHotel – Reservation Software


Company: Interserv
Role: Junior Java Developer
Platform: Web
Period of Time: October 2003-December 2004
The requirements for this project are extremely diverse, including PostgreSQL/MySQL knowledge and programming via C++, GUI-design and programming with Java as well as working with eclipse and CVS in a team environment. We used several tools: autotools, javahelp, doxygen, Furthermore, extensive software engineering skills are required to understand the parts of the code I worked on.



Company: SELECTED! services
Role: Junior PHP Frontend Developer
Platform: Web
Period of Time: 2001-2002
I worked on the PHP code and database. Particularly challenging work for this company was to get into the huge existing codebase when I entered the project as well as understanding the enormous functionality of this web application which involved learning about some new PHP libraries and new ways collaborating online. Also, being self-organized was very important as I worked a lot from home because the office was in Wiener Neudorf.


University related work

Board of European Students of


Period of Time: 2001-2004
I was active on the international level of BEST in the webTeam working group. My tasks included some minor things like writing tutorials on internal development systems as well as my major responsibility: realizing a complete rewrite of the news system. This was already a project for several years, and only after I took responsibility the project was finished successfully together with webTeam. I had to gain knowledge in Java Server Pages and Makumba technology as well as internal development utilities. I was also automating the news entry process. The new news engine is a completely database-driven application allowing everyone to submit news which are then reviewed by a group of news editors who check the news, edit it if necessary and approve it. It will then show up on the main page and the original poster will get an email notification that his news item is now visible.

Social Consultancy of the student organisation


Period of Time: 1999-2000
Responsible for the web site, I regularly updated it to reflect new government laws and new information we got from the Department of Science and Education. The whole site is created via templates and a Perl script which fills the templates with content.

Institut für Kommunikationsnetze (Institute
For Communication Networks)


Period of Time: Period of Time: Summer 2001
In the course of an internship at the Technical University of Vienna I rewrote the whole homepage to be fully dynamic and database-driven and set up the servers. Tasks I finished were installing the server operating system (SuSE Linux), installing and setting up the server software (LAMP, ssh, ftp) as well as documenting the system setup and the application setup. A guide on how to use the system for newbies was also written by me. Furthermore I helped designing the homepage and wrote most of the PHP code and designed and administered the underlying database.

Erasmus Student Network – Buddynetwork TU


Period of Time: 2003-present
As webmaster I took care of managing the picture gallery and the events database. The website is powered by FlatDB via PHP Scripts.

New degree course scheme


Department: Institute
for computer languages

Period of Time: 2000-2002
Since we also have Bachelor and Master studies at TU Vienna there was a need for a clear and plain web interface where students could look at which institute offers which courses in which semester and I was involved in writing parts of the back-end system. The work was done using Perl and Makefiles on a Debian Linux System.

Department of Algorithms and Data

Department of Algorithms and Data Structures

Period of Time: 2000-2002
Having stated deeper interest for the lectures “Algorithms and Data Structures 1 and 2” I was asked to work at the department as tutor. I was responsible for 2 groups with 20 students each. In weekly meetings I had to verify their elaborated assignments and also corrected tests that I held regularly.

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